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Come and engage all your senses in our Moroccan Cooking Class, as you learn how the Moroccans use their colourful and complex spices, such as the famous ‘ras el hanout’, the ‘head of the shop’, the aromatic spice blend which consists of as many as 24 different spices.  Each spice merchant’s and family’s recipe being a well-kept secret and we have our own which we share with you!

Discover the flavour combinations of sweet and sour; how to make the ubiquitous Moroccan flatbread, a variety of mezze dishes, preserved lemons, ras el hanout, chermoula paste, various tagines, a slowly simmered stew, whose name comes from the pointed, conical earthenware pot in which it is cooked; and many unusual, ancient Berber dishes peculiar to Marrakesh.

Note: Moroccan Cooking Classes available any date of your choice for groups of 6+ – Please contact Tonya for availability

Classes $229 p/p

Learn to savour and appreciate all that makes this cuisine so remarkable and different. Experience the spices, aromas, textures; cook whilst enjoying a glass of fragrant, refreshing mint tea.

Dishes on the menu, vary with the seasons; dishes such as Moroccan Batbout, a flat bread eaten at every Moroccan meal, honey salted aubergines, Bessara, a Moroccan fava dip as well as a soup, cucumber and mint sorbet; pickled grapes; beetroot and orange spiced soup, served either hot or cold; Berber omelette tagine with Marrakesh meatballs; chermoula marinated aubergines; a variety of tagines, such as a chermoula duck, lamb, beef and vegetable tagines; couscous, famous B’Stilla, a spiced, sweet and savoury, layered pigeon or chicken pie; sardines butterflied with chermoula, oranges and spices; rosewater meringues with dates and almonds, saffron custards with cinnamon oranges.

At the end of the morning’s cooking, all your dishes form part of the shared feast enjoyed at the table, accompanied by a glass or two of the matched wines, and the conversation flows.

Morocco, the land and its food, are intriguing, intoxicating and exotic! It is a diverse country, alluring and captivating, with minarets dominating the skylines and the call to prayer, five times a day, adding to the exciting, noisy atmosphere. The landscapes are filled with the brilliant colours and aromas of pomegranates, pink peppercorns, rosemary, citrus, lemon verbena, figs, dates, argun oil, almonds, roses and lavender.

During class, you will hear the stories of the Berber cooking classes, camel riding and dinner under the stars, in the Sahara Desert with its beautiful, lush, peaceful and cool oases, the rugged Atlas Mountains, the lively, local Marrakesh markets, where we shop for the cooking classes, the medieval Medina, with its central, bustling town square, the Djemaa-el-Fna, and the mysterious souks; plus the many exploits from our Moroccan travels. You may be inspired to travel there yourself!

I travel to Morocco frequently with foodie enthusiasts to stay with my friend, Edwina Golombek, chef and owner of the award winning culinary riad and residential cooking school, House of Fusion in Marrakesh. So, in this class we cook some remarkable, special Moroccan dishes rarely seen outside Morocco!


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‘I recently did a one day cooking school, Mediterranean Cooking with a touch of Morocco. I did this with my 89 year old aunt, who is a brilliant cook, and my cousin Julie. There were other students.
We all had an absolutely perfect day, from the welcome coffee (superb!) with a slice of almond ricotta cake, to our final coffee of the day. The food that we cooked, and ate, was unbelievably good, and the ambiance felt like we were in a 5 star restaurant. Tonya has the knack of making even the most complex cooking procedure look easy. I have cooked the entire menu twice now for different groups of friends, to rave reviews. Although I live in Brisbane, I hope to do a new class every time I visit Melbourne. Oh, and the wine was perfectly matched.’ From Sue Robb, Queensland, February 26, 2015

‘Hello Tonya, Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your festive season email and updates for cooking classes in 2016! I’m definitely going to do a couple more classes! You’re amazing what you offer and it’s motivating for someone like myself to be enthused by your inspiration.  The Mediterranean cooking class I attended back in February was a highlight of my culinary year and I absolutely loved it. ….’ From Belinda Morrison, Traralgon, Victoria, December 21st, 2015

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