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To learn to cook well you need to master the fundamentals of cookery. You need a solid knowledge of basic cooking principles, methods and techniques. It is from this mastery you are able to develop and produce wondrous dishes from your kitchen. It was Julia Child who said ‘Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again’.

Knowing how to make the best stock is fundamental to good cooking and will enhance your cookery.  With this knowledge you are enabled to cook the best sauces and to make the best soups, stews and braises.

So stock is the basis. Learn how to make good stock with flavour, colour, body and aroma and you are well on your way to being an excellent cook. Delicious sauces enliven your dishes and good stock is the key.

Escoffier used the phrase ‘fonds de cuisine’, for stock; it literally means the fundamental basis and essential elements without which nothing serious can be undertaken in the kitchen.

And Julia Child said ‘sauces are the splendour and glory of French food…’


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The cooking class starts at 8.45am with a tea, coffee or cool drink, an ‘in-house’ made cake or biscuit, and introductions.

The class begins at 9am when we look at the plan for the morning and learn about the cooking methods and techniques we will be using.

Throughout the morning there will be tapas style tastings, finishing with a glass of wine. Tastings such as:

  • A demi-tasse of the soup made
  • Sauces matched with an appropriate, such as asparagus with hollandaise, chicken tenderloin with the velouté, pork belly with the espagnole.
  • Fruit coulis, syrups or sauces teamed with fresh fruit

The class concludes at 3pm.

Everything needed for the day is provided. Please wear covered-in shoes and hair tied back neatly.

Participants find out how to:

  • Select the best ingredients
  • Prepare them most effectively
  • Cook them successfully in a multitude of ways
  • Present them with mouthwatering finesse

Participants take home:

  • Comprehensive recipe booklet

Cost of classes

Classes include refreshments, tapas tasting and wine: $195 per person.

Class numbers minimum 6 – maximum 9

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In this class we learn how to make:


  • Brown beef stock
  • Chicken stock
  • Fish stock
  • Ham stock
  • Vegetable stock

Sauces: the “grand French sauces’

  • Espagnole and demi-glace
  • Velouté
  • Hollandaise
  • Tomato
  • Béchamel

From these ‘grand sauces’, we derive most of our other sauces. Included in the class also are various other coulis, vinaigrettes and sweet, dessert syrup sauces.


  • Cream soup such as vichyssoise, mushroom
  • Light soups such as vegetable – sorrel, spinach, carrot, pea and ham
  • Chilled soups – gazpachos – garlic, green, tomato and watermelon, tomato, red capsicum; cucumber
  • Provencal fish soups – la bourride, mussel
  • Chowder – corn and scallops, chicken, seafood



‘Hi Tonya, Thank you very much for such a fantastic cooking class yesterday. My beef stock is now in the oven and smells delicious. The class was fun, informative and really worthwhile. I am hoping I will be a much better cook now. Thanks for welcoming us into your home and teaching us so well. Kind regards, Jacinda’. Sunday 3rd April, 2016

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