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Special event – Guest Chef Thomas Ritsios is presenting At my Greek Table – the flavours of Greece.

Sunday 12th July 2015 Cooking class at 8.45am at Cooking on the Bay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is such a unique opportunity to learn some authentic Greek dishes, some of Thomas’ favourites. The menu is extensive and exciting – this is a small taste of what Thomas has planned for the day…. Greek coffee and Greek Mountain tea with pancakes, feta, honey and cinnamon, a wide selection of mezze dishes of dips and appetisers including an octopus salad and prawn saganaki, main dishes include stuffed calamari, moussaka, spanakopita and he will finish with luscious desserts…..how can you resist it?

Thomas believes that the art of gastronomy is based on the senses and memories of childhood. For him it was growing up in the heart of rich farming lands of Central Greece and embracing the regional food traditions, that inspires his culinary passion.

He considers that Greek cuisine is the use of simple ingredients that create delectable dishes when the correct techniques are applied.

In 2011 Thomas Ritsios decided to pursue his creative passion for cooking by moving to Melbourne, one of the Food and Wine Capitals of the world.

During his many years as an Advertising and Marketing Director in Athens, Thomas had the opportunity to create numerous campaigns, but those related to his zest for cooking were the most intriguing and inflamed his instincts to pursue a new career.

Now Thomas is working in a commercial kitchen as a chef. Thomas’ love for food has brought him new opportunities and a successful career in his beloved cooking industry.


Special Guest presenter Minghua Zhang will teach us the Art of Chinese cooking – keeping healthy through food.

Sunday July 26th 2015  at 8.45am

Minghua Zhang2Hurry and book now – places are limited.

Come and learn to cook truly authentic, healthy, wholesome Chinese dishes. Minghua Zhang will teach you about her Chinese cuisine, how to stay healthy and look youthful! come and learn from Minghua the Art of Chinese cooking and how to keep healthy through food!

Minghua Zhang came to Australia in May 2013, from Yangzhou, China.

Originally trained as an accountant, Minghua owned and operated her printing business in Yangzhou for some years. On leaving, to marry her Australian husband, Tim, she handed her business over to her brother. Since being in Australia she has trained as a Child Care educator and she intends to open her own child care business here soon.

All this time, Minghua has had a great and enthusiastic passion for her Chinese food traditions plus a strong interest in food as medicine.

Minghua’s love of food and cooking is shared by her brother who was a chef and also her brother-in-law is a chef, running his own restaurant in Yangzhou

After many conversations about her authentic, flavoursome and healthy Chinese cuisine and enjoying cooking together, I am thrilled that Minghua has agreed to present her Chinese cooking in a cooking class at Cooking on the Bay…

So book now – come and learn from Minghua the Art of Chinese cooking and how to keep healthy through food!