Special plates from Les Puces, Lyon, France

As most of you will know, I am a collector of plates and kitchen equipment! It will therefore come as no surprise that on our recent visit to Lyon,we headed for the famous Les Puces, the very large, famous antique, ‘flea’, market on the outskirts of Lyon, rated as one of the biggest and best in France! Miraculously we found a great carpark, not so far from the entrance and we headed off without taking any carry bags!  We thought there is definitely nothing we need to buy; so,  guess what happens?

We find six asparagus plates, which we have been collecting over the past few years and which we are quite scarce and so do not find very often.  A ‘must’ buy, of course.  Then down another aisle, we discover ‘scallop plates’, which I have never seen before! So, we just had to buy those as well.  It is asparagus season now and so these will be well used in classes, as will the scallop plates for our summer scallop dishes such as scallop ceviche.

And then, when we did not need to another thing, we find a box containing a large collection of Burgundy tasting cups, called ‘tastevin’ used by the Burgundian Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.  These ‘tastevin’ cups are the old tasting-cups used by Burgundian tasters and wine-producers, originally made in sterling silver, now a variety of silvers and silver coatings.  I thought they would be lovely for wine and berry jellies, just as we had as part of the dessert trolley at Paul Bocuse!  Now you can enjoy them also in your next class here.

You will be very pleased to know, we did NOT buy the the huge horse, or the foxes, or another dog!  I am horrified to say, but Michael’s large, French antique carnival horse is about to arrive in the sitting-room! Where will it go? I simply cannot imagine either.

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