Fresh grape juice for those hot summer days.

Does anyone have grapes climbing and growing over the trellis on their back terrace? If you do, then this machine is for you. And what is this contraption you may well ask? This contraption makes delicious, natural, pale green coloured grape juice. All you do is put the fresh grapes into the container, they are then squeezed down and the juice is siphoned off and down the tube straight into your sterilised bottle and then the fridge. Ready for you to drink and enjoy.

On our arrival in Lyon last August, it was such a hot day, our host Jérome offered us a cool and refreshing, home-made, fresh grape juice, made earlier that day with this machine. He grows his luscious, green, juicy grapes on the trellis attached to his back terrace and regularly makes his refreshing juice.

Seems easy enough, so give it a try; process the grapes in the food processor and then through the mouli. Well worth your effort trying at home. I will keep you posted on how I go. First, I need to plant the grapes!

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