South Melbourne Market

I love the South Melbourne Market; it is where I shop two or three times a week for my cooking classes. The produce is always fresh and in season and the market focuses on Australian suppliers and is conscious of the value of food sustainability. I am frequently asked who are my preferred suppliers and so i thought I would share them with you all as well. It becomes like a friendly, family affair once you establish a good relationship with the people from whom you buy your food. I enjoy this friendship and it adds joy to my weekly shopping expeditions. Once you become a regular shopper there, you will discover other stores which will suit you as well.
As a start here are my favourites:

Aptus  Seafood Fish Supply
owned by Peter and Angelo.

K and L Poultry – eggs, poultry and duck – the lovely team of Pete, Darren, Chris and Kate

Kirkpatricks Butchers – Barry advise you about the best cut of meat for your dish.

The Nut Shoppe – Connie understands her produce and offers advice on which is the best the flour, for baking, bread-making, couscous, spice for your needs.

Fruits on Coventry – here there is a wide variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables which always look freshly picked from the garden.

Delis – there are a few of these and I usually go to Vangeli’s with John and Angela who, years ago, adviced me on the best tarama for my taramasalata.

I buy the bread and baguettes at Theo’s, and sometimes other deli items.
I buy fresh flowers for the table, batteries for the kitchen scales, paper towel from the soap lady, kitchenware from the kitchenware store and just across the road is the Chef’s Hat for a very wide range of all things culinary!

South Melbourne Market

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