Sens and La Madeleine – renewing acquaintances with Chef Patrick Gauthier

La Madeleine, with 2 star Michelin chef, Patrick Gauthier, was the special highlight dinner during my 2007 stay at La Varenne residential cooking school in Burgundy.

Coming back to Sens this time on the barge was a wonderful opportunity for us to book La Madeleine and for me to meet up with Chef Patrick again.

Excitedly, I made our reservation and looked forward to our dinner and hoping for it to be as exceptional as it had been in 2007. It was that and more!

Chef Patrick greeted us warmly, kisses and handshakes all round! We felt very special. It was a sensational evening with exceptional generosity and very gracious hospitality.

Chef Patrick, his wife Béatrice and the staff all speak French! One waiter spoke a little English.

Chef proposed a special degustation for us and we delightedly agreed. He gave us the best dinner one could imagine.

John and Michael selected the wine and the rest followed, immaculately presented, each with delicate and flavoursome sauces and jus, starting with amuse bouche of beetroot and pumpkin mini brioche, caviar and crème fraîche, cauliflower creamed soup served in a test tube with straws.

Langostine, crab and black caviar and smoked eel juliennes, perfect foie gras, poêlé in a delicate, rich flavoursome jus, with grapes and , heady, perfumed, flavoursome, wonderful summer truffles shaved over the creamy rissoni, turbot with a slightly sweet, citrus sauce and cochon.

With a flourish, chef Patrick presents the 3 cheese tables laden with a wide selection of cheeses which he serves.

And then for the finale! The desserts, seven!! Our table was covered in 42 desserts, plus special sugar coated nuts and sweet treats and tiny petit fours.

Finally Chef came with freshly baked and warm Madeleines, presented in the tin, one each of course.
It was so sensational and completely overwhelming – AND we ate it all with excitement, exclamations and relish!

On payment of the ‘addition’ each couple was presented with a beautifully printed menu with our photo, taken by one of the waiters, and entitled:

‘En l’an 2015, un Mercredi, le 02 de Septembre, au dîner des Gourmets, à Sens, dans l’Yonne en Bourgogne à la Madeleine’.

Plus a pretty paper carry bag with the remainder of our two special butters, one salted and one without, plus the petit fours from the table.

Our dinner was exceptional and we were in raptures; all so beautifully, lovingly prepared, cooked and presented, with great attention to detail. The sauces and jus so fine, delicate and flavoursome. You such are a great and special chef and deserve all your stars and more.

We will return next year!

The menu:
La langoustine, le jus de coriander, fane de radis
Le tourteau Roscoff, courgette séphir, anguille fumée
Le foie gras de canard, raisin Moissac
La gambas de Nouvelle-Guinée
La truffe d’été, langues d’oiseau
Le Turbot, sauce beurre d’agrume
Le cochon de Bigorre
Quelques fromages d’ici et aileurs
Quelques desserts:
Le Paris-Brest, nissette Piémontaise
La Mousseline au chocolat de Guanaja
La myrtille sauvage pistache de Sicile
La figue rôtie Banuyls
La fraise rhubarb, lait d’amande
La framboise crumble, citron Nice

Petit fours

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