Barging in France without a wheelhouse roof!

We have been barging west for 6 days and are now at Bar-Le-Duc in Lorraine, travelling well, without the wheelhouse roof. It is wonderful when the sun shines, not so good in the rain and wind. We have coped well in a midnight storm with winds, lightning and thunder. It was quite a gale and so, if, it does not get worse, we think we will make it back to Toul OK. An amazing feat really.

The captains, Michael and John, have done a great job and the crew, Margaret and me, are amazing at working the ropes, locks, kitchen and menus. We always cook sensational food!! Plus, we drink fabulous French wines, with champagne every day! A true joy.

So, I am very happy to say, so far so good….hopefully we will continue to have an eventless trip. We have discovered a few nice restaurants with the best tomorrow – it was booked out today so tomorrow we are looking forward to a treat.

After our lunch we are attending the de-pipping of the groseilles, red currants; the famous caviar of Lorraine. It is a delicate ancient art where the redcurrant seeds are removed with a goose quill.

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