Kitchen appliances and M.F.K.Fisher

I recently visited the Breville factory outlet shop in Huntingdale to buy a new iron for my son.  It is an amazing place with excellent prices for all manner of household appliances.  Each visit excites me as there are always new products to discover.

I was tempted by a few things…an electric pasta machine which makes rigatoni and other similar noodles, a new and updated food processor with a small and a large bowl, another electric knife and another  stick blender…always handy in classes….however, I resisted!

This visit was especially nice as the woman working there was an old friend from our ski lodge, Angela.  We chatted and caught up on the news of the last few years….if you venture into the Breville shop at Huntingdale, please say hello to Angela and she will look after you.  You will find it at 261 Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale; 03 9543 8199.

On the way back home, I stopped by the Post Office to collect a parcel – it was gift from my chef friend Cathy in Sydney…it was a book about M.F.K. Fisher, the celebrated culinary and travel writer.  It is a lovely book about the culinary essence of Mary Frances and her views on food and cooking.  Delighted, I went immediately to the back cover where I read what Alice Waters wrote about what the author revealed in this book, that ‘…Mary Frances’s great lesson: to cook well, you need only the most elementary kitchen, a mortar and pestle, and a full awareness of your own five senses.

So there you are…there is no need of too many appliances in the kitchen after all!

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