Filming in the kitchen at Cooking on the Bay – we are now a film studio

You can eat what?! – Tim Driver’s food blog – now going into film…in the kitchen of Cooking on the Bay!

Tim Driver is all about cooking food for vegetarians plus those with various food allergies – such as lactose or gluten intolerant.  Tim cooks delicious, varied, healthy as well as indulgent dishes, such as chocolate mousse, cheesecake, piklets…

Some time ago I was approached by a local film Producer, Jessi Salonen, to see if she could use the kitchen here for filming a pilot program for a television series she is making.  I am happy to support such ventures and I did so in different ways at On the Ridge in the Queensland, so of course, I agreed.

Last week Jessi, Tim Driver, the presenter, Tom the cameraman, Marcus the sound man, Nikki also on camera, arrived at Cooking on the Bay for a rehearsal.  It was amazing all the work involved in this program….the two hour filming went very well, so well in fact that they may use it as part of the program.  Next Monday they return with a few more in the crew for the actual filming of the pilot episode.

All going according to plan, they will use these episodes to gain the funding required for a television series.  We will keep you posted.  I will also be adding the film footage to the Musings page on the website…meanwhile I have included some photos to give you a feel of how it went.





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