“Good cooking is the source of true happiness”
Auguste EscoffierOn_the_bay_symbol

Learn to cook at Cooking on the Bay cooking school in St Kilda on Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.   Melbourne chef  Tonya Jennings opened Cooking on the Bay some years ago, after she returned back ‘home’ from the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, where she had lived and worked, for the past 10 years,   in her successful and highly regarded cooking school, On the Ridge, at Kureelpa.

Cooking on the Bay invites you to come, learn to cook, whilst experiencing the lifestyle and the beauty of the wonderful Port Phillip Bay.  ‘Create Cook Celebrate’ glorious food with us!  Enjoy a cooking day ‘at the beach’ in St Kilda, followed by a leisurely lunch or dinner, overlooking the picturesque bay.

‘At Cooking on the Bay, we create, cook and celebrate good food
to make sitting around the table and dining,
a pleasurable, delectable food taste sensation for both family and friends’.

Tonya’s gastronomic philosophy is to cook fresh, local food in season, to cook for taste and to cook food simply, thereby enhancing the natural food flavours, so the food looks and tastes delicious.  Our cooking school produce is all fresh, local, and in season; we teach you the methods and techniques of cookery – you learn how to cook.  The result gives real food, real flavour.

Our cuisine is modern Australian; we take the best ideas, we use the freshest, local produce, we  combine the cooking principles, techniques and inspirations gained from many cooking traditions and cultures, and we form this into what we like to eat today.

At Cooking on the Bay, you are encouraged to develop a passion for cooking healthy, tasty, delicious and scrumptious food and you will learn to create and develop a style that is natural and true for your own tastes.


Be inspired by Cooking on the Bay’s French, Italian, Greek and Modern Australian classes, or learn basic fundamentals in the Stocks, Soups & Sauces class.



Create dishes, learning new skills to help you be able to recreate dishes at home with ease and confidence.  Recipes vary in degree of difficulty and individuality.



Celebrate your cooking achievements, new skills and accomplished cuisines and enjoy the food that you have created with your new friends.




Our modern Australian cuisine, takes the best ideas, uses the freshest, local produce, and combines the cooking principles, techniques and inspirations gained from many cooking traditions and cultures, and forms it into what we like to eat today.



Discover this pleasure by taking a culinary journey through France with classic dishes like magret de canard, salmon and pork rillettes and more. Enjoy the tastes, textures and aromas of simple and sophisticated French fare.



Capture the passion of Italy. Discover the basics of Italian gastronomy, freshness, simplicity and lack of pretension, with delicate as well as robust dishes packed with flavour. Italians enjoy their cooking and eating is a festive, fun affair accompanied by music and laughter.



The region of the Mediterranean is full of robust flavours, sweet and sour, plus the exotic and heavenly spices.  We cook dishes from the Mediterranean regions where people are passionate about the food they produce and eat.



To learn to cook well you need to master the fundamentals of cookery. You need a solid knowledge of basic cooking principles, methods and techniques. It is from this mastery you are able to develop and produce wondrous dishes from your kitchen. 




For some years, Cooking on the Bay Cooking School hosted culinary weeks for groups of enthusiastic Australians and Americans at La Combe en Périgord, a residential cooking school in the beautiful Dordogne region of south west France.



In 2016 we are offering Cooking on the Bay clients and friends this amazing opportunity to join my friend and tour director Nikki Maxwell, and me co-hosting, in Provence to see unspoilt France off the beaten track in our Picnics in Provence culinary tour.



The House of Fusion culinary riad in , Morocco, and Cooking on the Bay cooking school, Melbourne, have partnered together to bring you a fabulous, foodie culinary Moroccan adventure, visiting the House of Fusion, and on a foodie road trip into the desert. 



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