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“Good cooking is the source of true happiness” Auguste Escoffier

Learn to cook at Cooking on the Bay cooking school in St Kilda on Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.   Melbourne chef  Tonya Jennings opened Cooking on the Bay some years ago, after she returned back ‘home’ from the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, where she had lived and worked, for the past 10 years,   in her successful and highly regarded cooking school, On the Ridge, at Kureelpa.

Cooking on the Bay invites you to come, learn to cook, whilst experiencing the lifestyle and the beauty of the wonderful Port Phillip Bay.  ‘Create Cook Celebrate’ glorious food with us!  Enjoy a cooking day ‘at the beach’ in St Kilda, followed by a leisurely lunch or dinner, overlooking the picturesque bay.

‘At Cooking on the Bay, we create, cook and celebrate good food to make sitting around the table and dining, a pleasurable, delectable food taste sensation for both family and friends’.

Tonya’s gastronomic philosophy is to cook fresh, local food in season, to cook for taste and to cook food simply, thereby enhancing the natural food flavours, so the food looks and tastes delicious.  Our cooking school produce is all fresh, local, and in season; we teach you the methods and techniques of cookery – you learn how to cook.  The result gives real food, real flavour.

Our cuisine is modern Australian; we take the best ideas, we use the freshest, local produce, we  combine the cooking principles, techniques and inspirations gained from many cooking traditions and cultures, and we form this into what we like to eat today.

At Cooking on the Bay, you are encouraged to develop a passion for cooking healthy, tasty, delicious and scrumptious food and you will learn to create and develop a style that is natural and true for your own tastes.

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The Cooking School

Cooking on the Bay teaches the principles and techniques of cooking, enabling you to then transfer that knowledge, adapt and vary it to many other cooking applications and recipes, adding your own style and flair.

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Cooking Classes

The small, hands-on, participative cooking classes at Cooking on the Bay Cooking School feature modern Australian cuisine. We create, cook and celebrate our delicious and flavoursome food overlooking the ever-changing water of Port Phillip Bay.

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Tonya's Musings

Tonya’s Musings shares her foodie stories, tips, tricks and culinary travels, combining her passion for food and cooking with her beachside location on Port Phillip Bay at St Kilda, into developing and operating Cooking on the Bay Cooking School.

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